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1,200 University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) members have been on strike since November 2. The U of M’s professor’s, librarians, and instructors have had their wages frozen for five years. UMFA members rank second-last of Canada’s largest 15 research universities. The University of Manitoba just posted a large surplus in their recent fiscal report.

Working conditions are learning conditions. The university administrators can fairly compensate UMFA members, but have chosen to allow the provincial government to continue interfering in negotiations. The provincial PC government has imposed an unreasonably low cap on wages. Government interference makes free and fair bargaining impossible.

“While we are dismayed that the University’s President Michael Bennaroch refused to protect the independence of the university, we are equally disappointed that the provincial government continues to interfere in our negotiations by imposing their wage mandate,” said Orvie Dingwall, UMFA President.

The Government of Manitoba continues to interfere with free collective bargaining between the University of Manitoba and the University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA), putting the future of public education in Manitoba in jeopardy.  

The government's interference has led to a breakdown in negotiations and has forced a strike. 
Add your voice in support of UMFA and join the call for the provincial government to take immediately withdraw its imposed bargaining mandate and allow UMFA and the University to bargain in good faith so they can reach a fair and mutually agreeable deal. 

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