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Scholar Strike Canada originated as a labour action in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, to protest anti-Black, anti-Indigenous, racist and colonial police brutality in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere.  Over 3,000 Canadian university workers signed our solidarity statement and took part in historic labour action that took place on September 9-10, 2020.  For those two days, we paused our teaching and all administrative duties and hosted public digital teach-ins on state-sanctioned violence as part of the systemic violence that materially disenfranchises Black, Indigenous and racialized people.   Our live-streamed public digital teach-ins garnered over 60,000K views in 48 hrs.  


View all of our Scholar Strike Teach-Ins here!


Through our historical political action we saw something extraordinary come together.  We are both community activists who also work in academia. We have decided to continue programming and co-hosting teach-ins featuring activists, academics & artists on our channel. We know now is the time to grow, connect and mobilize our activist/academic communities across Canada through actions, teach-ins and social media. 

In Solidarity,

Beverly Bain & Min Sook Lee

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