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Scholar Strike Canada Celebrates Labour Day












Join us as we celebrate Labour Day  and workers everywhere  and hear  from

scholars, students, poets, activists and organizers, as they extend their support  for

our upcoming two-day Labour Action on the 24th and 25th October 2023:

Teaching and Learning Against Social Abandonment

Join us online on the SSC YouTube Channel on Monday, September 4th from 10am-1pm EST for a discussion, music, and poetry led by university workers, activists, artists and students, including Dionne Brand, Naomi Klein, Christina Sharpe Harsha Walia, Percy lezard, Rinaldo Walcott, Minsook Lee, Fred Hahn of CUPE, Syed Hussan of Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, David Simao of CUPE Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee, Metro Workers, TVO workers, El Jones, Kpass drummers and many more.



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